Why do I bruise easily? 8 Reasons it may happen

There are several causes of bruises after drinking; some of these causes are not particularly serious, whereas others could point to a health problem. Perhaps the most common cause of bruising from alcohol is that alcohol acts as a vasodilator, making blood vessels larger. An alcohol use disorder is a legitimate medical condition that causes […]

Quality Information and Tools for a 12 Step Program of Recovery

To benefit maximally from 12-Step programs it is necessary to attend meetings and engage in recovery activities, yet, as noted, meeting attendance and engagement may be limited, inconsistent, and sporadic. Social workers and other health and behavioral health providers working in substance abuse treatment programs, medical settings such as emergency departments, trauma centers, or primary […]

Alcohol and anxiety: can booze trigger panic attacks?

While many people suffering from anxiety attempt to self-medicate with alcohol, drinking can make anxiety worse. Alcohol can temporarily numb uncomfortable feelings, but not only do those anxious feelings resurface, they often come back with even greater intensity. This is due to the chemical interactions of alcohol and the brain. Moreover, alcohol can impair our […]

How To Rebuild A healthy Life After Addiction

Perhaps you are watching everything you say and do, in order to “keep peace” in your home and not make the addict angry. Or you may be asked to do favors for the addict on a consistent basis, such as watching their children or doing their errands, and you may not know how to say […]